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Rafael Murrieta (1990)

About me
I am a life learner and lover. I just finished my medical doctor social service and will continue on a specialty soon, but for now, dealing with death in my profession helps me keep in mind that we have to live each day as the last, because we certainly never know.

I try not to waste so much time doing things that do not nourish me spiritually, emotionally, intellectually or in a healthy way. Time goes by so fast that it’s a shame to waste it. I also worry about the planet and our impact on the Earth, so I try to pollute less, recycle more and use our natural resources better.

One of my weaknesses is food – I like to cook and discover new places and dishes. I’ve had the opportunity to travel a little in Canada, Europe, Africa and of course around my country, and think that food is one way we can get to know the culture of each region.

Since I am a simple guy, you will not find so much luxury or fancy stuff among my recommendations; instead you will find life experiences that, at least for me, is what really matters and the kind of things we should look forward to finding.

Why Mexico City?
The city of Mexico is one of the most populated in the world, and therefore, being the capital of the country, it is composed of great cultural diversity that grants it unparalleled beauty.

One of the things I love about my city is that there is always something new to discover and learn. I have lived all my life here and I have not ceased being amazed. There is always something perfect with which you will fall in love.

Most of the people are honest, hard-working and very friendly. Although sometimes and due to our stressful and fast life that is hidden a little, if you are lost or need help you can always find someone to guide you.

Where can you find me online?

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