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Rafael from Mexico City

I am a life learner and lover. We have to live each day as the last, because we ...

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The Vasconcelos Library, named in honor of Jose Vasconcelos because of his contribution to education in Mexico, is not just a library. It is a cultural palace where you can find everything from a nice garden to escape from the noisy city to musical instruments like a guitar, piano, and violin.

The library has one of the most complete collections of books in town: whether you want to read some world literature, a science book, or get into the history of Mexico with a storybook, the library has it all and more.

As part of the library’s activities, there is a children’s area with games and books; you can also learn Braille. Why not get up-to-date by reading one of their newspapers and magazines? On their website they frequently advertise various workshops, conferences, films, and concerts offered free of charge.

Besides its great cultural wealth, the library’s architecture is impressive: you should come and walk around in the garden and on all the floors. If you are located in one of the two ends of the library and on the top floor, you can get a nice view of the surroundings through the large windows.

Bags inside the book area are not allowed unless you have some laptop, before getting there go to the parcel in the basement, so cops won’t be boring you telling that you should take your bag there.

It is 100% worth to look the website before going, often there are free concerts, movies and workshops.

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Rafael from Mexico City

Rafael Murrieta photo

I am a life learner and lover. We have to live each day as the last, because we ...

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