Los Dinamos Mexico City

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Los Dinamos – Mexico City’s only free-flowing river

Los Dinamos National Park, located to the south of Mexico City, is an oasis of water, forests and nature for the delight of both the capital’s residents and visitors. Its more than 2,400 hectares offer the possibility of hiking, running, cycling or having a picnic. It is an ideal place to go out as a couple, family or friends, as it adapts to all budgets and trends.

This spot is perfect for a long walk, since its several kilometers of trails allow you to explore the place at your leisure while also riding a bike. Running enthusiasts can also enjoy a wide circuit to train. In addition, you should take into account that you can climb, rappel, camp, fish trout or ride a horse. There are no pretexts: it is a place for lovers of nature and outdoor fun.

The dynamos are old electric generators of which the remains of four of them are still there. At the height of the second dynamo, approach the service area. If you haven’t brought food, don’t worry, here you can find a big variety of Mexican snacks.

This is definitely one of my favourite spots for visiting with my friends during the weekend. 

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Camino a Los Dinamos, Mexico City

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