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I am a life learner and lover. We have to live each day as the last, because we ...

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One of the best places to eat seafood in Mexico City is located in the northern area, inside a market where Mariscos El Pollo owns half of it. If you want something more like a restaurant, they also have one called Don Panchito right in front and some branches in different parts of the city.

After starting with a small place inside this market, the family of Don Panchito has built an entire empire with a lot of work and flavor in their dishes.

This seafood place has been my favorite in the city since I was a child. You can get from the typical Mexican cocktails to more advanced and traditional preparations of fish.

My favorite order is a cocktail of shrimp with octopus, a crab toast, and one or two little pieces of fried fish (similar to the one on the fish and chips dish from the UK). So if you miss fish and chips, this place could be a Mexican option, although you won’t get chips.

One of the reasons I prefer to eat in the market and not in the restaurant is because inside the market there is a spot where they prepare natural fruit water; you can order it and take it to your table without a problem; in the restaurant you will not find this drinking option.

Getting there is easy, as this place is just a few blocks from the station Coltongo on the green line Metrobus, or near the yellow line metro.

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Rafael from Mexico City

Rafael Murrieta photo

I am a life learner and lover. We have to live each day as the last, because we ...

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