Tianguis Cultural del Chopo Mexico City

Image by Rafael Murrieta

Tianguis Cultural del Chopo – Alternative market

The street market El Chopo, an engine of rock in Mexico, was born at the Museo Universitario del Chopo in 1980 as a university movement for literature and music. After changing locations in 1988, it moved to the street that has seen it grow over the year and got energy here as it merged with trends like punk and underground culture.

Since its beginnings, this place has functioned as a forum where people got to know about rock and its genres from around the world. Getting it the informal way was a cheap deal to feed yourself with music from across the sea.

Nowadays, this street market is one of the main countercultural spots in Mexico city and probably in all of Mexico. Depending on the Saturday plan, you can find  sculpture, painting, photography, performance, tattoo and a lot of rock. As the society claims, it is also a place where you can find clothes and accessories, from suede dresses to those thick-soled boots. However, its initial essence still remains with the efforts of some vendors who continue to deal in music on vinyl’s, CDs and cassettes.

At the end of the street market, you will find the music exchange area, where around 25 people go with all kinds of rock music and its derivatives to trade or sell it. I advise you to check the Facebook page to see if there will be any live bands or activities next Saturday.

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Details about this spot



Cuauhtémoc Buenavista 06350, Mexico City

Opening Times

Sat 9:00 - 17:00




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