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Michela Susanna Maier (1986)

About me
Hey, I am Michela Susanna. Originally from up North I’ve lived and worked in Milan for quite a bit of time. As a designer and urbanist I love wondering while wandering, spotting new places and things and immersing myself into the urban hustle and bustle. That’s my lifeblood, that’s how I tick and where I get my inspiration from.

Being an urban ‘nerd’ from head to toe I have been very lucky to call some really cool and very diverse cities my home, such as Brussels, Helsinki, London, Berlin and Hamburg. Add in some project work in Stockholm, the US and Amsterdam and the picture is pretty complete.

When not walking around cities I am frequently found jogging, listening to jazz and electronic music, reading books, photographing or enjoying myself in the theatre, the opera or the movies. In case I am not skiing, hiking or baking sweet stuff.

Why Milan?
Milan and I had a bit of a bumpy start together since Milan is not really a pretty or green city. Milan is a bit like a diva, wants to be discovered, asks for your time, attention and curiosity. That’s why at the end of the day Milan is a city just made for me, uncovering so many hidden gems when you get off the beaten track and immerse yourself into ‘la vita Milanese’.

Apart from that, there is a lot happening design-wise, not really bad conditions for a designer. It was love at second sight. And at first sip, since Italy is the only place to get a really good cappuccino or coffee.

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