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Image by Michela Susanna Maier

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Michela Susanna from Milan

Urban ‘nerd’ from head to toe. Milan is a like a diva, asks for your time, a...

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Located in a quiet street in the Isola neighbourhood, Stravagario Bistrot is a hidden gem, one of the most interesting discoveries I’ve made recently. This French-style little restaurant is a case in point for the insight that many truly unique, authentic and excellent experiences stem from the most simple and unpretentious ‘ingredients’. In Stravagario’s case, these ingredients are locally sourced dry-aged meats of the highest possible quality, super-fresh fish and seafood arriving daily from the Ligurian coast, and a chef knowing how to prepare the raw materials into dishes full of taste explosions.

The menu pays tribute to seasonality and local/regional food culture, translating classical Italian cuisine into a great 21st century culinary experience. Be it meat, be it fish – every plate is cooked to perfection, innovative in its simplicity, letting pure and original aromas take centre stage. The result is mouth-watering and delightful! Especially when you follow Michele’s (the owner’s) recommendation of the goodie of the day.

The atmosphere of the place is where the French element comes in: down to earth, warm and welcoming, very relaxed, informal and cozy. You just feel at home and enjoy the moment, because of the lovely people running the place, taking care of each wish before you even knew it would arise.

Add artisanal desserts, a wine list that leaves nothing to be desired, all you need for a dinner or business lunch that you definitely will not forget. You pop out happy, looking forward to coming back!

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Michela Susanna from Milan

Michela Susanna Maier photo

Urban ‘nerd’ from head to toe. Milan is a like a diva, asks for your time, a...

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Via Garigliano 3, Milan

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Mon - Fri 12:00 - 15:00 & 19:00 - 23:00, Sat 19:00 - 23:00


3-course meal: € 35


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