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Michela Susanna from Milan

Urban ‘nerd’ from head to toe. Milan is a like a diva, asks for your time, a...

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Since 1961, Gattullo is one of the signature pastry shops in the Bocconi area. For a good reason so, since it’s one of the few places where the Milanese can taste a high-quality version of their standard breakfast comprising of ‘brioche e caffè’ (croissant and coffee). Here, the brioches are freshly baked every morning, not just taken out of the freezer and put into the oven (the regular way of doing it).

Once entering, you feel a bit reminded of the Viennese ‘Kaffeehaus’: plushy, old-school interior design, wood all over the place, huge crystal chandeliers, tableware like in grandma’s dining room. This impression continues when it comes to the pastries, hand-made chocolates and cakes looking like pieces of art. Don’t expect New York-style stuff. Instead, all the products transpire tradition, craftsmanship, and local food culture. Whoever is lucky enough to snatch one of the few tables will be taken care of by a polite, very attentive table service.

Besides breakfast and sweet delicacies, Gattullo is also a good choice to grab a tasty panino for lunch, have an after-work drink accompanied by little baked snacks, again very traditional and local, simple and kinda puristic – nevertheless always fresh and of high quality. Don’t forget to buy your Christmas Pannetone here!

Maybe one of the best times to pop by is Sunday morning (around brunch time), sit down at one of the tables, taste some little things and observe the Milanese upper class meeting and greeting. Great way to dive into local culture.

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Michela Susanna from Milan

Michela Susanna Maier photo

Urban ‘nerd’ from head to toe. Milan is a like a diva, asks for your time, a...

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Piazzale di Porta Lodovica 2, Milan

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Tue - Sun 07:00 - 21:00


Panino + coffee: € 10


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