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Michela Susanna from Milan

Urban ‘nerd’ from head to toe. Milan is a like a diva, asks for your time, a...

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Every Milanese has her favourite caffetteria, or rather more than one. Now, Milan may be iconic for many things – think design, high fashion, aperitivo, wine places – but not exactly for its coffee culture. End of story — until 2016, when Orsonero Coffee popped up in the Buenos Aires neighbourhood. Brave Vancouverite Brent Jopson and his Milan-born wife Giulia Gasperini hit the city and put quality coffee on centre-stage. Heureka!

Pour-over, AeroPress, Kalita, cold brew, typical Italian espresso machine – how’d you like your dark shot? And it doesn’t end here. Besides the diversity of avant-garde brewing methods, at Orsonero you won’t get the normal Italian, oftentimes badly roasted Arabica-Robusta-blend. Instead, several single-origin bean varieties from a small-batch specialty roaster (for the time being Rubens Gardelli Torrefazione) are the stuff that dreams are expertly made of by Brent. He just can’t stop experimenting with the amounts, water temperature, brewing time, pressure etc.

Orsonero is different, new, fresh. Also when it comes to interior design, look & feel, aesthetic & atmosphere. Don’t expect to enter a traditional Italian corner coffee shop. Brent’s brainchild could be located in London, Tokyo, Berlin, wherever. It’s cool, puristic, Nordic-inspired – white walls, light wooden tables.

The menu is reduced to the basics: espresso-based drinks, filtered coffee, quality tea, organic soft drinks, brioche & co. Specialty coffee is the star. As it should be. Come in, have a chat with the lovely Brent, look, sip, taste, relax. Forget everything else. Really!

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Michela Susanna from Milan

Michela Susanna Maier photo

Urban ‘nerd’ from head to toe. Milan is a like a diva, asks for your time, a...

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Via Giuseppe Broggi 15, Milan

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Tue - Fri 08:00 -18:00, Sat 09:00 - 18:00, Sun 09:00 - 13:00


Filtered coffee: € 3

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