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Image by Michela Susanna Maier

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Michela Susanna from Milan

Urban ‘nerd’ from head to toe. Milan is a like a diva, asks for your time, a...

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Ostello Bello hit Milan like an unidentified flying object coming directly from outer space, bringing fresh ideas. The lovely hostel was instantly adopted by those Milanese folks looking for something new instead of opting for the usual suspects offering the typical Milanese aperitivo.

So, what can you expect? A place where English is the lingua franca, relaxed people from all around the world, a charming vintage atmosphere where nothing really fits together (the furnishing somewhat looks as if it was recovered from your grandparents’ loft), little snacks and drinks at super-economic prices.

To be sure, Ostello Bello is not the place to go when looking for a vintage Barolo or gourmet food. The whole thing is based on the fun experience of meeting diverse people, enjoying yourself during a nice chat with a sip or bite of a little something. The real raison d’être of the spot is the welcoming experience of finding yourself in an international atmosphere that makes you feel like you’ve traveled without leaving the center of Milan.

Plus, Ostello Bello brings to life some remote childhood memories immediately after popping down to the basement room, where guitars and table soccer are ready to make you play. Bit like hanging out during your teenage years. Even more lovely so, as you can see students bringing their parents, who have the same big smile on their faces as their kids.

THE place to go after a hectic business or sightseeing day without the need to dress up Milan-style.

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Michela Susanna from Milan

Michela Susanna Maier photo

Urban ‘nerd’ from head to toe. Milan is a like a diva, asks for your time, a...

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Details about this spot



Via Medici 4, Milan

Telephone number


Opening Times

24 hours daily


Drink/snack: € 3


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