Bessonitsa Minsk

Image by Ilya Uglianitsa

Bessonitsa – Calm and dreamy

“Bessonitsa” is translated as insomnia. Have you ever experienced that? You are awake in the middle of the night, but your emotions and feelings don’t rush; you’re just calmly thinking about something, and listening to yourself. Well, that feeling was replicated in one of Minsk’s cafes.

I have given a lot of thought about why I really love this place. I couldn’t find any specific answers. I just feel good here. Maybe it’s the little details. But this is one of the places you love, and you can’t explain why.

What they have done in particular is that they have added elements of an airport to the interior design (where it’s usually hard to sleep, as you must know) and people’s bedrooms.

And they have done it well because they haven’t just thrown it all in front of your eyes, it’s all in the fine details. Maybe that is what creates the cozy and nice atmosphere.

I don’t like visiting Bessonitsa on Saturday or Friday evening. It’s too loud, and the things I’ve mentioned don’t really work. Still, it’s also a good place even then. But, from my experience, the best time for a visit is something like 16:00 on Sunday for dinner and a relaxing conversation with your loved one. At least, that has worked for me extremely well.

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Details about this spot



Gertzena str.1, Minsk

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Opening Times

12:00 - 05:00 daily


Glass of wine: BYR 10


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