Zilber's ’’Science’’ Minsk

Image by Katia Syrayezhkina

Zilber’s ’’Science’’ – Coders of the past

One of the things I enjoy about being a Spotter is the opportunity to explore my own city as a newcomer. It sometimes leads to fascinating finds. I often pass by the sculpture in front of the Research Institute ’’CNIITU’’ in my neighbourhood and yet I was surprised to learn that Zilber’s allegorical forged copper composition ’’Science’’ (1975) is considered the world’s first monument dedicated to coders.

If you did research while planning your trip to Minsk, you know that Belarus is on the path to becoming the Silicon Valley of Eastern Europe. I find it rather amusing that it’s this that shot the man holding an oscilloscope and the woman holding a punched tape with a program to well-deserved fame.

The bike factory district is a blank spot on Minsk tourist map, and there is no doubt it won’t be on your bucket list, either. Street art tourism is an inevitable choice, but soviet monumental art is defo worth seeing to expand your sense of place. Keep in mind this overlooked lead you may still want to follow.

The smell of chocolate might tempt you to stroll down Partyzanski avenue to grab some local sweets at Kamunarka factory (Aranskaya str, 18). It would be ideal to pay a visit on the evening of a clear day so you can watch the sun disappear over the horizon while walking through the monochrome surroundings (concrete landscapes can be inspiring!).

Alternatively, you can check out one of the latest murals at Rabočy zavulak, 1.

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