Graffiti on Aerodromnaya Minsk

Image by Darya Melnik

Graffiti on Aerodromnaya – Two different works

Hello to all collectors of Minsk graffiti! Let’s continue our street-art walk.

Two graffiti have appeared on Aerodromnaya Street. The first one is located on the facade of the aviation control building at Aerodromnaya, 4/3. It is dedicated to this part of the city and the history Minsk’s first airport. This work, authored by Mutus, depicts an airplane stuck in branches above old private houses – a reminder of the place where the modern district will appear in the future. ‘Everyone who passed by was excited. The woman that lives in the house opposite she said that in the morning she looked out the window, saw a drawing and began to sing. So it raised her spirits’ – Mutus has said about his work.

The second work was created by Ukrainian artist Alexey Kislov at Aerodromnaya, 17. He defeated the myth of the Nemiga River. The result was a fantasy about how a fantastic river flows underground in Minsk, and on its banks there is a real city. The author explained his idea: ‘All Minsk residents expect to be told that the city is clean and the citizens are unsmiling. But this is the truth of Minskers themselves. Due to the Soviet shade in the city of Minsk, for me, as a childhood memory, the flags immediately provoke thoughts of demonstrations … I was looking for a motive that could catch on, and the idea of the underground river Nemigu really came up’.

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