Kitchen Coffee Roasters Minsk

Image by Ilya Uglianitsa

Kitchen Coffee Roasters – Speciality coffee house

Kitchen Coffee Roasters is a Minsk-based roasting company and barista school. In their shop you can buy different specialty beans but also have a cup of freshly blended and brewed coffee.

The primary roaster here is considered a coffee specialist in the country. He has won Belarus brewing championships dozens of times and even came 3rd in an Aeropress world championship. If you are lucky enough, you’ll come on a day when he’s making coffee for guests all by himself.

The interior design is also notable here. Minsk is a city where a lot of factories were built, especially in the ’70s and ’80s. Kitchen Coffee Roasters has mostly kept the legacy of the factory building where it’s situated, and while the spot itself is small, you can make a really “Eastern-Europe-style” photoshoot nearby, especially when you’re trying to find the entrance :).

Tip to find the spot: approach the river and follow the riverbank. The river should be on your right. The football field and walking bridge across the river should be on your back. Don’t be afraid to enter the black metal gates with graffiti and old posters. Go through this metal gate and walk 100 – 150 meters. The spot will be on your left. 

Generally speaking, this is quite a zen place, a little bit underground, where you can get to know the modern coffee culture of Minsk.

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Details about this spot



Oktyabrskaya str. 16/3, Minsk

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Opening Times

10:00 - 20:00 daily


Cappuccino: BYR 4


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