Mukhlya Minsk

Image by Alexander Ruzhechka

Mukhlya – The mystery of Minsk’s Gaudi

Tuchinsky Square, or Mukhlya (another name is Gaudi Park) is a unique place for Minsk in the area of Kharkivskaya Street, near the former Sovremennik cinema.
The square was founded in the 1960s on the territory of the former suburb of Tuchinka, near two ponds. Even since pre-revolutionary times, Tuchinka was famous for its brick factories, next to which clay pits appeared. Over time, the quarries filled with water and turned into small ponds (clouds).

In 1976, unusual marine sculptures appeared here decorated with small colored mosaics. For me, this square (according to the results of our survey) is the most vivid childhood memory. Over the years, the sculptures have become noticeably dilapidated, but now they attract attention.

There are weeping willows and other trees growing in the park and many ducks swimming in the ponds. Sometimes you can meet fishermen here.

There are many benches where I often like to sit down with friends and drink some beer and play the guitar.

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Vulica Charkaŭskaja, Minsk

Opening Times

24 hours daily


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