Gorka Park Moscow

Image by Maria Selezneva

Gorka Park – A piece of Brooklyn

People who like to have a nice stroll around Moscow’s city center might have noticed the unattended little park in the Kitay-gorod neighbourhood some years ago. It’s located on the Bolshoi Spasoglinischevsky sidestreet, when crossing the neighborhood going from Solyanka Street to Maroseyka Street, or vice versa. Quite recently, the game changed, and now everyone can enjoy this super trendy place to have fun or just relax in the city center.

Its charm lies first of all in its atmosphere. Actually, this little park was thought to be a space for uniting different kinds of people, including those living nearby. It’s equally made for elderly people and for children, for those who love partying and for people who love to sit reflecting, for photo lovers and for those who are into sports. 

The main thing about this park, which by the way called ‘Gorka’, meaning ‘little hill’ in Russian and correlating with the title of Gorky Park, is the fact it was renovated on an initiative by the local inhabitants. Now, the space has stairs for those who love reading, fountains, a playground, and a unique charm which, as many say, is a little reminiscent of Brooklyn. You should absolutely grab a coffee and have it with your croissant while walking by, just because of its spirit and soul.

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Details about this spot



Bolshoi Spasoglinischevsky sidestreet, Moscow

Opening Times

24 hours daily


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