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About me
In 2007 I moved to Munich for love, leaving my buzzing life in London behind me and swapping it for an equally thrilling one in the heart of Bavaria.

I am a brand designer and work as brand strategist for a design company based in Munich and Shanghai. Besides that, I am a monster tamer taking care of two underaged monsters which are the centre of my world and inspiring me every day.

Apart from my obvious passion for monsters and design I love anything that has to do with art, architecture or history. I would actually visit a city purely for its architectural sites and afterwards sit in a cafe or park and watch the locals, hoping for a chance to chat. I very much like to be active doing all kinds of sports and I am an absolute foodie and taste aficionado. Cooking isn‘t a passion – it is an obsession! Cooking is my way of showing love and appreciation for others and I so much enjoy discussing what is going on in the world over a nice dinner with my friends and family.

Why Munich?
Munich is an amazing city and really has it all: a great cultural and art scene, fantastic food, friendly and interesting people and on top of that it is incredibly green: Munich is home to the biggest inner-city park in the world – bigger than Central Park or Hyde Park and the re-naturalised Isar river is flanked by beautiful lawns and pebble beaches. The city is surrounded by beautiful lakes, rolling hills and is very close to the Alps, which makes it an ideal base for hiking in summer and skiing in winter.

There is so much international inspiration here, combined with homey cosiness deriving from hundreds of years of history and a warm-hearted attitude towards life celebrating the moment. I love Munich for its quirkiness, for the fact you can get anywhere by bike and that you can go for a swim in the river right in the middle of the city. And that you can surf – yes, surf! So a common thing to do is to go for a dip or a ride and have a picnic with your friends and family at the embankment.

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