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Viola Reise (1976)

About me
I moved to Munich in 2007 after having lived in London for several years. Our flat is in an area called Au / Haidhausen which is close to the Deutsche Museum. The quarter, a former village founded in the 9th century, is part of the city centre and a great spot for quickly getting around town.

I am designer and have a small design company. My passion is to explore Munich and its fab places and history by bicycle.

Why do I love Munich?

  • Munich is very international and cultural but at the same time has a certain village feel to it
  • People call it the most northern city of Italy – I guess that tells a lot about its relaxed lifestyle!
  • It is an amazingly green place and very close to the Alpes. This is heaven if you love wintersports as you can go on day trips doing alpine skiing, snowboarding or cross country skiiing.
  • Munich is one of the most bicycle friendly cities in Europe. It is fun to explore the areas by bike, there are even guided bicycle tours for tourists
  • You can spend summer evenings or afternoons at the river embankment having a picknick or a BBQ with friends and go for a swim. This is possible everywhere along the Isar and I would say this is absolutely unique for an international city!
  • The Oktoberfest
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