Philly Knits Yarn Bombers Philadelphia

Image by Bronwyn Lepore

Philly Knits Yarn Bombers – Knitted street art

Walking around the city I’m always happy to come across a “knit-bomb.” Wikipedia notes that the practice was started in Houston, Texas and has since taken off around the globe among knitting collectives as well as lone yarn stormer/graffiti crocheteurs like Lace in the Moon (Philly). Though considered illegal – especially if glued directly on to “property” – many remain up for some time. Some groups, like Philly Knits seek permission first before they go to work.

Philly Knits, according to their site, is “a social and educational group dedicated to spreading the joy of the Fiber Arts” which includes crochet and weaving. They host a knitter’s meetup, offer knitting advice and suggestions and are partly responsible for knit-bombs around the city. For Philly Pride Month they “decorated” the William Way Center (an LGBTQ++ cultural space in Center City’s Gayborhood) in beautiful rainbow-colored yarn statements to celebrate gay pride. Cianfrani Park at 721 S. 8th St was also decorated for Spring in April 2021. Keep your eyes peeled for street knitting around the city. Or join the meetup and go for it! I’m sure it will bring a smile to your face too!

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1315 Spruce St, Philadelphia

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24 hours daily


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