Tony Luke's Philadelphia

Image by Doug Daub

Tony Luke’s – My fave cheesesteak

Somewhere in between the stadiums and South Philly, the Highways and the Byways, almost on the edge of town as we know it, lies a place. A place unlike any other place. A small trailer-looking-shack of a permanent food stand Called Tony Luke’s.

Tony Luke’s is the most out of the way of the Big 4 (Jim’s, Pat’s, Geno’s, and Tony Luke’s) and the only one with two names. You can get a variety of things here now but people go for the cheesesteaks. There’s a reason to make the 10-minute trip. The cheesesteaks are amazing. 

You order your steak one way, and one way only. If you wanted a cheesesteak with onions and wiz, which is the standard, you would say “Wiz Wit please”. They know you want a cheesesteak so you just say your cheese and if you want onions or not. The way I like my cheesesteak, I would say, “American Wit and mayo please”. If you have any European in you, you gotta get the mayo. It adds a little something in my opinion. 

Good luck with your ordering and I hope you enjoy that melty cheese, those full slices of rib-eye beef, those near caramelized onions and that freshly bread baked. YUM!

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Details about this spot



39 East Oregon Avenue, Philadelphia

Telephone number


Opening Times

06:00 - 00:00 daily


Cheesesteak: USD 8.75


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