Base Porto

Image by Ruben Pinto

Base – The perfect bar in the middle of the city

When the spring break comes, the sunny days come with it too, and this is the season of the year when I really prefer visiting this place. I really love bar Base after winter, because we have just finished from the rainy and cold days. A sunny day in Porto during this season has much more value than for me than a sunny summer day.

The concept is amazing! It’s an open bar with young people, great drinks like juices, beers, wines, and cocktails, located in the middle of a big garden where the people enjoy relaxing in the historical center of Porto, near the Clerigos tower and Lello Bookstore. The view over the beautiful Clerigos tower is imposing and it’s common to see some people there taking photos of the tower. Here we can see the historical buildings and the nature come together in this great space, and in my opinion it makes the city look more beautiful.

I cannot say about which details of this bar I like the most, because the whole environment is important for me. When I was there the first time it was a birthday party. I found the perfect scene there: it was a sunny day, in the afternoon, in a green space, with a drink, in the heart of our city, with my friends and with great music.

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Details about this spot



Rua das Carmelitas 151, Porto

Telephone number


Opening Times

10:00 - 02:00 daily


Beer: € 1.50


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