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Bonaparte – Perfect pub

Every city has one of those places we can almost call an institution among locals, and Bonaparte is unquestionably one of those places. I don’t remember the first time I went there as ‘Bona’, as we like to shorten, as it has been part of my life since like forever.

This spot is a typical Irish pub, with a British touch, run by the same family since 1977. ‘Bona’ is located in a residential neighborhood at the seafront, Foz, so if you’re close and notice people greeting each other, that’s normal, as locals from all ages tend to go there even if they haven’t planned it, ’cause there’s always someone you know.

I love to go there mainly during winter time as it is very cozy, with wooden walls and shelves filled with cool antiques you can’t stop staring at. There’s not been a single time I’ve been there that I didn’t notice something ‘new’ to my eyes. I especially like the ground level, since smoking is allowed on the upper floor and you can watch sports games, so it gets packed more easily. Also the furniture is much cooler downstairs, with big wooden tables and leather seats, reminiscent of old carriages.

They offer a vast selection of great beers, whiskies, wine, or cocktails, especially the Mojito, my favorite, always with a small portion of delicious and addictive snacks.

If you’re in Foz by the sea front, don’t miss this great spot!

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Details about this spot



Avenida do Brasil 130, Porto

Telephone number


Opening Times

17:00 - 03:00


Mojito: € 5

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