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Food Corner – Spoiled for choice

Picture a shopping mall. Subtract the shops and you’re left with a food hall. That’s Food Corner in a nutshell. And I don’t mean the standard food hall, filled with McDonald’s-style fast food chains (apologies to all the Big Mac fans out there, but I promise this is way better).

‘Fancy Food & Cocktail Club’ – that’s Food Corner’s own description. It’s just as democratic as your run-of-the-mill food hall, only way more tasteful. In Food Corner, you’re guaranteed to find something you like: burgers at Munchie, sushi at Temako, pasta at Maza, pizza at Forneria Invicta, sandwiches, smoothie bowls, salads? Go to Abacate. That’s basically the definition of ‘something for everyone’, right?

The bad news is: you might have a hard time choosing your food and I’m only going to make it harder (sorry!): the burgers are to die for, heavenly buns of goodness. The sushi is quite impressive: high standard, fusion-style – just my kind. The pasta is a great quick lunch option. At Forneria, the scent alone will make you crave a beautiful pizza. Abacate brings you divine salads and open sandwiches that make you salivate just by looking at them.

It’s a no-brainer choice for large groups, families and the likes. On each floor there’s a different restaurant and each person can have their pick at any of them. Then, you gather the flock, take a seat wherever you like, and enjoy your meal together. A people-pleaser, for sure.

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