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Image by Camila Aldrighi

O Porto dos Gatos – All you need is love (and cats)

Picture this: delicious food, nice ambient to study or work, a staff that makes you feel at home and… CATS! O Porto dos Gatos is the first ‘cat café’ in Porto, which means they have cats in their staff. The best part (besides everything) is that, since the place owners have a cat protection association called Vida de Gato (i.e. cat’s life), you can adopt the kittens and become their family!

If you can’t take any animal home with you, you can contribute by eating or drinking there, buying some articles, such as tote bags and pins, and making donations.
Since I can’t adopt any animal right now, it’s good to have a workspace with a stable and fast wi-fi connection, nice food and pets to give to and receive love from.

The menu is 100% vegetarian (or vegan, if you’d rather) and they offer cakes, coffee drinks with vegetable milk, brownies, toasts, and sandwiches with non-dairy products. On Saturday nights you can reserve a table to eat a vegan Francesinha (the main local Porto dish).

So, if you’re in town, need an amazing workspace and want to give the excellent vegan meal a try, or if you’re just curious to meet the cats and help the initiative, you must go there. It’s meow or never!

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Avenida de Rodrigues de Freitas 93, Porto

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Opening Times

Tue - Sat 10:00 - 19:00


Francesinha: € 9

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