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Katarína from Prague

I perceive the world visually. My getting engaged with Prague and moving in was ...

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On the way to Prague castle you will be literally hypnotized by Bílkova vila (Bílek villa). The atypical form, the symbolism of the architectural details or the brick and stone facade together contribute to making this extraordinary piece of architecture. František Bílek (1872-1941), the visionary sculptor, built a villa atelier following his own design in 1911. 

I wouldn’t hesitate visiting this place. It is really a very special moment to be inside the home of someone who was thinking totally out of the the box. The interior reflects how he viewed the world differently. The place is frozen in time because of all the original facilities and equipment in the rooms.

It is not evident from the outside, but the left side is dedicated to the sculptor’s art studio with its high ceiling and good lighting conditions. Nowadays there is a permanent exhibition from Bílek’s prime creative period: sculptures, reliefs, drawings, graphics and ceramics. 

Back to architecture. František Bílek, the famous Czech Art Nouveau Symbolist sculptor, was inspired by a cornfield. The ground plan represents the track of a traditional tool for mowing, the stone pillars symbolize straws and flat roof symbolizes the field, the first one of its kind in Prague. I like the whole idea, and someone should translate to you in words.

Bílkova vila is situated on a strategically visible place, on the corner of the street near tram tracks. It’s a bit hidden behind tall trees and evergreens.

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Katarína from Prague

Katarína Mácová photo

I perceive the world visually. My getting engaged with Prague and moving in was ...

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Mickiewiczova 233/1, Prague

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Tue - Sun 10:00 - 18:00


Basic ticket: CZK 120


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