Divadlo Viola Prague

Image by jAnina Michlová

Divadlo Viola – Secret revealed

When I walk through Národní třída, I never look down, and that’s why I stumble often. There are so many surprises hidden up there!

And as I took the above seen picture at night, now you know a hidden secret too, and you can easily walk by and impress your friends with a special knowledge: the name of the city, PRAHA, can be found under the roof of a very nice building.

If you go inside, you’ll find a theater there: “Divadlo Viola” is a small theater in the inside part of a very nice Art Nouveau building, but for me the more interesting part is outside. Sorry, theater, you are still nice.

This house used to be owned by an insurance company – and if you know a little bit of Czech, you can read the words painted above the windows. Život (Life), Kapitál (Funds), Důchod (Pension) and Věno (Dowry). Oh, now you can read it too, even if you don’t know any Czech! And the part of this building I love most is right under a special, decorated roof: beautiful windows that discreetly form the word Praha. check it, you´ll fall in love with this house as I did.

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Národní 7, Prague

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24 hours daily


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