Památník Nicholase Wintona Prague

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Památník Nicholase Wintona – Touching WW2 memorial

Prague’s main train station is a beautiful big place with an old-school feeling – and that’s why movie makers often come here for train scenes. I come here often too because I like trains and we travel a lot.

But there is a place I drop by quite often and I do not travel from there: Památník Nicolase Wintona. Since 2009 there is a beautiful memorial of Sir Nicholas Winton on the first platform, the man who – just before the beginning of World War II – saved more than six hundreds kids from Prague.

Sir Nicolas Winton secretly worked some kind of adoption system for kids from German, Austrian and Czech refugee and Jewish families (that wanted to save their children) and managed to transport 669 children to Britain to their new families in six months during 1939.

No-one knew about this until 1988 – as Mr. Nicolas Winton didn’t think it was a big deal. But then, his wife found a list of kids’ names and gave it to a historian, and then the meeting of the “Winton children” was organized. Ten years later, there was a movie made about this great man, and Nicolas Winton met the Czech president. In 2002, Queen Elisabeth II made him Sir.

For me personally it is a very powerful memorial. At first sight, it looks just like some more travellers are waiting for their train. But then… well, check them yourselves.

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