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Pokojíček – Things you didn’t know you needed

In Prague, there are many craft shops and markets and spaces full of interesting art. Pokojíček – in Czech it means a small room – is one of the most interesting ones. Especially for girls. and especialy during the holiday season.

Every time I go there – and I try not to go there too often – I find something I definitely need. This shop is full of things made by Czech artists and tailors and people who like crazy design and clothing so you can find here handbags made from LPs, lego earrings or a stunning skirt. They reinvent things and materials a lot too, so it’s really eco friendly.

The owners of Pokojíček (there are actually two of these shops in town, and they have different goods) are very friendly, helpful and communicative, and they love great, crazy ideas.

Have you ever seen a necklace made from an old shirt collar? Did you ever go to a Xmas party or a wedding for which you needed a skirt or a bracelet with a crazy design? Or — and I am sure this happened to you: have you ever searched for some really nice present for your friends or relatives? All of this can be found here, in Pokojíček.

This special shop is really small and almost hidden in the city centre’s narrow streets but it’s packed with surprising design and great ideas, and I bet you will love it as much as I do.

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Benediktská 4, Prague

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Opening Times

Mon - Fri 11:00 - 19:00


Earrings: CZK 150


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