Václavská pekárna Zoulek Prague

Image by Josef Ševčík

Václavská pekárna Zoulek – Prague’s best bakery

Václavská pekárna Zoulek is a pure family business and for me, their bread is definitely the best in Prague.

The bakery is located in Václavská pasáž, which leads from Karlovo náměstí to Václavská street. The passage doesn’t look very attractive and the decoration inside is pretty much reminiscent of the Communist era. However if not for anything else, the bakery is worth visiting.

What I really appreciate about this spot is that they make everything with love and it’s always fresh, so when you go around you can smell the freshly baked bread and you can see through the window how they take the bread out of the oven. Once they even told me to wait few minutes for a fresh bread rather than buy the one that was on the shelf.

The offer is quite wide, however if I could recommend something, go for something salty rather than sweet. My favorite there is just a basic bun with poppy seeds or cheese on it. If you want something sweet anyway just take a few steps through the passage and get it in the cake shop.

Delicious bread, good prices and the square (Karlovo náměstí) nearby where you can eat it all. No surprise that there is a queue all day long.

Local tip: choose quickly and be ready to order what you want, the shop assistants will appreciate it.

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Details about this spot



Václavská 14, Prague

Opening Times

Mon - Fri 06:30 - 18:45


Bun: CZK 4
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