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Image by Katarína Mácová

Zřícenina Baba – Obsessed with fine views

I was standing on the other side of the bank of Vltava River in the rocky nature reserve Podhoří in Prague 8 once, when I was suddenly fascinated: “Oh, what is on the hill over there and how do I get there?” Then I got home and made my plan to reach what is called Zřícenina Baba (The Ruins of Baba), another spot with a unique view.

For the first time, I decided to be more adventurous. I went to Metro Station C – Nádráží Holešovice, then I took bus No. 112 with an alternative direction to Podhoří (be careful – it may go only to the zoo). And then I took a P2 ferry from Podhoří to Podbaba. I walked about 1.2 kilometers through beautiful Šárecké údolí (The Šárka Valley), then followed the path opposite bus stop Žežulka, crossed the stream and went through the forest up to Zřícenina Baba.

Alternatively, you can take the less adventurous road along architecturally significant villas by hopping on bus 216 and stopping at Sídlište Baba from Prague 6. During the weekend, there is no public transport. You can also can just return through the neighborhood during a workweek, you will never get lost. Osada Baba consists of only a few streets. There are a lot of houses you can admire. Especially truly functionalist gems.

Zřícenina Baba is my favourite local place with a touch of nature. You can see almost the whole of Prague from here: several districts like BohniceTroja with the zoo on the hill and its surroundings, Dejvice and, of course, Prague castle and the districts at the back of the horizon.

Prague is geologically diverse. And therein lies its beauty. Take a nice memory of this city panorama with you – it will mesmerise you.

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Zřícenina Baba, Prague

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