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Defy Them – The local metal family

There is a small house at the end of a long narrow road, somewhere in the suburbs. About two years ago, it wasn’t much more than that, but after some repairs, equipment, soundproofing and lots of dear friends, it became the home of the local metal family and their cherished fans. It’s a warm lodge surrounded by a few acres of woods that gives you a dynamic prospect when compared to its metallic interior. During the day, you may witness one of the sound engineers recording someone’s newest album or just a fun jam session taking place, so it’s not your daily go-to destination, but just wait for the night-long gigs on New Year’s, Halloween or any of those albums release dates. It’s not the most sizeable stage for its moderate fanbase, but people don’t mind enjoying the music from the outside while chugging a beer or smoking a cigarette.

Defy Them recently released a new project called “Reset the World” by blending the talents of 18 of the best metal musicians that the local scene has to offer into a 6-minute heavy metal piece, even reaching the headline of newspaper KOHA.

It is a place with a lot of character forged by lots of characters that grows with passion each day.

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Tahir Zajmi (Kalabri), Prishtina

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