The Lapidarium Prishtina

Image by Marta Gazideda

The Lapidarium – A forgotten place

Under a heavy canopy of trees, quite centrally and easily accessible, you can find another of my favourite places in Prishtina. It’s the Archeological Park, also known as the Lapidarium. It was built as a supplementary space to the Museum of Kosovoe, which itself dates from around 1885; with its Austro-Hungarian architecture, it is one of the most beautiful buildings in Prishtine.

The Lapidarium serves as an open exhibition space for larger, predominantly architectural, findings of archeological nature. A selection of items is dispersed on the park’s very modest grounds; architectural fragments, epigraphic inscriptions, altars… The most valuable artefact currently in view is the funeral stela, decorated with script and relief work dating from between the 4th and 3rd century B.C.

As part of the Lapidarium, there is also a sunken construction with a plexiglass roof. Planed as an indoor exhibition space, unfortunately, it is infrequently used. I love the floor of the space, as it exposes several archaeological findings, so in a way there is a permanent exhibition. The mini-amphitheater, right across the entrance, is a brilliant spot to sit and observe the goings-on inside.

Despite its location across the Museum, the Lapidarium is very easy to miss and somewhat neglected as a place of interest. Perhaps while you’re reading this you will be inspired to visit it and, despite its shortcomings, put it back on the “map”.

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Ibrahim Lutfiu, Prishtina

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