Andelemandele Riga

Image by Zaiga Braca

Andelemandele – Biggest fashion flea market

Women buy clothes, and – let’s admit it – some buy quite a lot. Sometimes more than is necessary, so some clothes are worn only once or not at all. To buy new clothes women need money, so some of them sell the ones they have before buying new ones. 

Andelemandele started many years ago in the small empty shop premises of shopping centers. The popularity of the event has grown a lot since that time and today those small premises are not enough anymore. Now it is held in a big exhibition hall with about 800 participants.

There are still smaller thematic events like Andelemandele KIDS or Andelemandele HIPPIE.

I have never participated in this event as a seller because I buy clothes conscientiously (mostly haha 🙂 ), but I like this even as a buyer. Firstly because it is a green way of shopping, secondly because there is such a big variety of styles. And thirdly because you can find good quality clothes for a good price. Finally, it has a great atmosphere.

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Details about this spot



Ķīpsalas iela 8, Riga

Opening Times

11:00 - 17:00 (check events)


Entrance: € 4


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