Biete Riga

Image by Zaiga Braca

Biete – Conquer your hunger at night

I am often working at night. And sometimes I get hungry. There are quite a lot of 24-hour shops, but many of them are shady. They pretend to be a bar by putting one table out in order to be able to sell alcohol at night (if you didn’t know- it is not allowed to buy alcohol in shops from 22:00 – 08:00). 

Biete is different. Yes, it has a nice corner with a table for drinking wine, but it is not shady at all. I like this shop not just because I can buy food at any time, but mostly because the range of products is different from other small shops and big supermarket chains. I can buy my favorite “Rubeņi” here, smoked chicken, which you usually will not find in small shops. The milk products are from a smaller factory, whose products you won’t find in supermarkets. There are some beers from small breweries. The basic products (bread, milk etc.) are not everything, you can find some pastries and vegetables (not typical for 24-hour shops, which usually do not sell vegetables).

I can tell you for sure – if you have been to other 24-hour shops in Latvia, this will be a pleasant surprise for you. Especially when it comes to atmosphere (24-hour shops do not care about design at all). Biete is a very comfy place.

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Skolas iela 21, Riga

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24 hours daily

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