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Trenta Formiche – Ants in your pants

Underground, hidden and cooler than your fridge (no offense)… are just a few of the words to describe one of my dearest spots in this city. Also one of my best kept secrets, but of course I’ll share this spot with you guys, but don’t you go tell anyone!

The “Trenta Formiche”, namely “thirty ants”, is a little club located in the charming Mandrione neighborhood. The first time I got there it actually took me half an hour to find the Antsies, since the entrance is just a huge, industrial-like black door with no signs whatsoever. But eventually it would reveal to me what it was trying to hide, and what was soon to become my favorite club in Rome.

Since the “Trenta” opened up in 2011 it’s always attracted a very inhomogeneous crowd, enjoying an equally variegated line-up of musicians. Though there’s definitely a slight tendency towards Rock, with around three gigs a week, at the Trenta you’re always in for musical surprises. Nevertheless it has quite a familiar and intimate atmosphere, which almost makes you feel at home… a home where you get drunk and go mental on the dance floor.

Another ingredient that makes the thirty ants so rad is its location, which is an old warehouse, just to add that little extra undergroundy-ness. Do consider that the opening hours can vary -from not opening at all to staying open for longer- though the second case is more frequent.

Also check out the fantastic mural just outside!

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Details about this spot



Via del Mandrione 3, Rome

Telephone number


Opening Times

Wed - Sun 21:00 - 03:00


Long drinks: € 5


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