Palazzo Venezia Garden Rome

Image by Max Giudice

Palazzo Venezia Garden – A secret oasis

Rome is a chaotic city – it has always been. The Romans of today are bothered as much by that as the ancients. When I’m in the city centre and I want to escape all the noise, the honking, and the masses of tourists consuming the city’s streets with the pounding of their feet, I always go to this little oasis in the garden of Palazzo Venezia.

In this area, I can enjoy a breath of peace, totally forget about the city, read, relax or just have a break alone with myself. The garden is inside an old palace with a fascinating history. It’s also the seat of a museum that with its fancy rooms has really something special to offer visitors.

I usually work in the city centre and to have this bit of heaven in a bustling city like Rome is has turned out to be a lifesaver – most of all, whenever I need to lose myself under some trees or have a little power nap. There are trees, benches, and a fountain that create an idyllic atmosphere all around.

This is the perfect spot for a brief escape between visits. For me, it represents a fresh breeze in the busy pace of my life.

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Details about this spot



Via del Plebiscito, 118, Rome

Opening Times

09:30 - 18:30 daily


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