Parco di Tor Fiscale Rome

Image by Massimiliano Giudice

Parco di Tor Fiscale – Aqueducts and the sky

When in Rome, you have a really short time to visit an enormous number of fountains, ruins, and squares. So you might start skipping less spectacular places, but you should think twice before skipping the Parco di Tor Fiscale, and let me explain why. It’s a park unlike any other in Rome, where you can be awed by the majesty of Roman aqueducts!

This park is a hidden treasure of the city. The combination of different natural, as well as human, elements make strolling in the Parco di Tor Fiscale a great place to let yourself be fascinated by many things – the aqueducts, the mountains on the horizon, the railway and the blue sky.

These views are a restorative moment for the mind. This bucolic landscape with those mountains and the huge stretch of grass brings me somewhere else, outside Rome, behind those mountains, telling me other stories and talking to me of other worlds, that are there to be discovered, just waiting for me.

This park, apart from its history, the restaurant where you can have delicious meals and the walks you can enjoy in it, is one of those places where you can remind yourself how human beings are capable of achieving goals that seem impossible. Just like the Romans brought water from kilometers away to the city, a human being can reach whatever it sets its mind to, no matter how far away it might seem.

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Parco di Torre Fiscale, Rome

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24 hours daily
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