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Rudy from Rome

I'm an aspiring content manager, a smiley guy who loves discovering new cultures...

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When I stepped into Spazio Nagual for the first time, I felt a dimensional jump: from a tiny street close to Pigneto’s jungle neighborhood to a comfy space surrounded by the smell of incense. An essential size of the library as it would be a bizarre room’s wise friend. There, I met Silvia, one of the team members, a kind soul matching perfectly with the atmosphere.

Spazio Nagual is an exoteric, psycomagical library where you’ll find the right aura necessary in order for the books to choose you rather than the reverse. Not just books but many artisanal related products such as dream catchers, body care products, amulets, magic wands, etc…  At the moment, you’ll find only Italian language books – perfect if you want to improve this parlance and, at the same time, find your Nagual, the inner part carrying yourself to new areas of perceptions as Castaneda wrote through Don Juan’s speeches.

They also run a vibrant publishing house called Spazio Interiore covering several areas, from Shamanism through Tarot to Inner Search. Last but not least, they organise special events about these matters with no profit purpose, which makes them honourable, in a period where spirituality has become another business market.

So there are no other words to describe this spazio. I can only invite you to go beyond this magical portal and be transported to an elevated state of consciousness that a place like that helps to develop. And many thanks for that.

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Rudy from Rome

Rudy Di Giacomo photo

I'm an aspiring content manager, a smiley guy who loves discovering new cultures...

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Via Marco Vincenzo Coronelli, 42 , Rome

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Tue - Fri 11:00 - 13:30, 15:30 - 19:30


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