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Blazing Saddles – Bike rental shop

“Are you ready to bike the bridge?” If you’re not paying attention when entering the most extensive bike rental establishment in San Francisco, you’ll look like a deer in the headlights upon entering. Yep, that’s what happened to me. Upon entering these hallowed halls of bicycle-dom, you are expected to have an answer to this very question.

Biking the Bridge is literally that. You rent a bike, buy a ferry ticket, and head off across the Golden Gate Bridge. Blazing Saddles has approximately 2000 bikes to choose from throughout multiple locations in the city, including the one at Pier 39. According to Annelaine Clauss, Vice President of Blazing Saddles, “when the sun comes out, the cyclists come out.” As they should. It’s beautiful in San Francisco when the sun is shining.

There’s a very easy trail that takes you to Sausalito, where you park your bike, grab a bite to eat, explore a bit, retrieve your bike, hop on the ferry, and head back to San Francisco via Alcatraz. No stops at Alcatraz, but you get to go around the whole island and see all sides. Pretty cool stuff.

You can rent any bike or e-bike for $8/hour or $32 for the day and do the ride self-guided or with a guide if you’d rather. Guided tours are $55/adults and $35/kids 12 and under. The guides talk about the city’s history, trivia, the bridge itself, general information, answer questions, and will take pictures of the group—so much fun.

Do it. You’ll love it!

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2715 Hyde Street, San Francisco

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8:00 - 19:30 daily


Bike rental: US$ 32


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