Grace Cathedral San Francisco

Image by Kathleen Messmer

Grace Cathedral – A place to calm your mind

The modern labyrinth movement was founded here in Grace Cathedral, something I didn’t know until I actually visited myself. My first labyrinth experience was in Europe, but once I came home to San Francisco, my search began for something local.  Lo and behold, I found one practically in my backyard.

Upon approach, I noted there was a small labyrinth and I was a bit disappointed because I had expected it to be inside. That didn’t stop me from entering the church though. Once inside, there was a larger and more beautiful labyrinth, more conducive to the meditative state I was seeking.

There weren’t many people, probably because it was a weekday, so I began my journey determined to be in a mindful state while I walked. The one thing that stood out to me was that all the stained glass was producing beautifully prismatic reflections on the walls near the labyrinth, making the entire walk somewhat of a kaleidoscope experience.

Once in the center, I sat. The reflections were like meditative devices and had an effect on me like no other. It made me joyful, seemingly releasing my inner child. I could only smile in awe of the beauty I was witnessing from just reflected sunlight.  

All of my supposed worries of the day vanished into the ether. I rose, walked back and out of the church feeling renewed; my mind calmed and quieted, my heart lighter and feeling very grateful.

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