Mountain Lake Park San Francisco

Image by Brooke Ekdahl

Mountain Lake Park – Your Neighborhood Park

There are some pleasant things about living in San Francisco.  For some, it’s experiencing that new trendy restaurant, going to a Giants game, or heading out to that concert.  But what everyone has in common, is that they all have a go-to neighborhood park.  I think generally most people hunker down in their neighborhoods.  It’s almost like we know when we’re exiting our bubbles.  There’s something comforting  and relaxing about enjoying your neighborhood park.  It’s so nice knowing you don’t have to go far to get in some nature.

One neighborhood park I’m fond of that’s close to me is Mountain Lake Park.  It’s a bit tucked away and you wouldn’t know it’s there.  Where Presidio ends, Mountain Lake begins.  The lake itself is supposed to be one of San Francisco’s last remaining natural lakes.  I’ve heard that over the years, nomadic families would leave their children’s pet fish and turtles in the lake—that they got so big! Not many years ago, a five foot sturgeon was found in the lake! Holy moly, right? I often wonder what  monstrous creature is in there now. :Cue Jaws theme song: People need parks, they need a nature outlet.  It can be healing and allows you a space  to shake off that bad day at work, or that awkward date, or that rude person in the checkout line.  Every person needs a space like this.  Get outside.  Enjoy your parks!

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Park Presidio and Lake St., San Francisco

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24 hours daily




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