Presidio with Andy Goldsworthy San Francisco

Image by Sasha Sommer

Presidio with Andy Goldsworthy – Natural sculptures

Nestled away in the Presidio park are some amazing natural art pieces. By following the trail map, you may stumble upon these great natural works of art by Andy Goldsworthy, and most likely some other interesting natural sculptures.

The Spire and Wood Line (pictured) were inspired by the park’s historic forest, which was originally planned in the 1880s. The cypress, pine, and eucalyptus groves have become part of the park’s natural mosaic, where hawks perch and humans find shade. Spire and Wood Line help visitors see the trees with fresh eyes.

Visiting these sites is quite breathtaking. Andy Goldsworthy is a British artist who draws his inspiration from places and creates art from the materials found close at hand, such as twigs, leaves, stones, snow, and ice.

To see these pieces in San Francisco, a bustling city, is truly rare, and visiting them helped connect me with the beautiful surroundings of the park.

Allow for a few hours to explore the whole park and make a big loop around the trail! The walk gets sandy at times so make sure to wear the proper shoes.

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