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Naida Kurdija (1981)

About me
Naida is highly complicated to a simple eye while being very simple in His eyes. In other words, I live a normal and pretty common life in my
philosophy, yet I am complex in terms of seeing the purpose of life, so I am very active in various fields that have no connection between them.

I am a freelance journalist, English language translator, book editor, blogger, amateur photographer, spiritual choir singer, trainer on various topics in political non-formal education, a civil activist and fighter on various “injustice cases” in my society, charity project organiser and an eternal volunteer that is a subject of social mockery :- ).

I am a dreamer and an idealist fighting with reality and myself on a daily basis.
I am a pacifist at my core and enjoy all of nature’s creatures.
I am a hedonist and I can (and must) enjoy even the smallest everyday activities that go in line with my star sign Cancer and subsign Virgo that together make me a Kafka book character :- )

Why Sarajevo
There is a certain pathology in my love towards my town/city.
I love everything it is and everything it is not. I love its courage, its dignity, its love for everyone -even enemies-, its outspread arms to everyone and its welcome sigh to all, good or bad.

I like its perseverance, its traditional wealth and beauty.
I like its spirit and the smell of centuries in one breath.
I simply love everything, starting with its name, the meaning of it (palace) and I love and respect it even more because of everything that it’s been through, not just in World War II but even the one we shared in the ’90s.

It (he) is like my big brother, like a second father, like a vital organ that keeps me safe and alive, that gives my life sense and meaning.
I cannot explain it, and even if I could, the dictionaries would lack the proper words.

Where else can you find me online?

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