Magaza Sarajevo

Image by Naida Kurdija

Magaza – Dino Merlin’s store

Magaza (Dino Merlin) store was opened in 1989 and it is the most popular and favourite Sarajevo spot for buying original CDs by foreign singers, musical instruments, and much more.

It’s a erfect place for choosing an original present like T-shirt, pillow, notebook, cup etc.

Dino Merlin is the most popular composer, song writer, producer and performer in my country and one of the biggest music stars in the region.

So, Magaza is his official store and the distributor of his merchandise.

Dino Merlin is like an icon, but still, he’s a normal man: plain, down to earth, yet religious and deep.

His songs are like 3-minute bits of profound life philosophy with music background. Captivating.

I am not an ordinary fan; I truly love this man and all he represents. I am so proud to have had him as a Sarajevo kid and as a Sarajevo music ambassador.

If passing by his store, you can sometimes see him sitting there, greeting locals and tourists as if they are his friends. That is one unique character. There are no worldwide music stars that go around being normal. Yet, there he is. Yet, I know the guy, and he knows me. 🙂

And, he can surely choose a great daughter name – guess what? Naida of course 🙂 .

If you want to enjoy his music, which I highly recommend, go to his official YouTube channel.

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Details about this spot



Veliki ćurćiluk 20, Sarajevo

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Opening Times

Mon - Sat 09:00 - 21:00


T-shirt: BAM 20


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