Small Wooden Bridge  Sarajevo

Image by Merima Ađemović

Small Wooden Bridge – Childhood crossroad spot

When I was a little girl, this small bridge was a spot I had crossed so many times that it became one of my favourites. It doesn’t have a name, but standing on this bridge offers one a view on many important spots.

It’s just an example and proof of how some insignificant spots cam become so important for one’s perspective.

It’s like a shortcut on both ways of Skenderija, depending on if you are simply taking a walk or just trying to get to the tram, bus or trolleybus station quicker.

Just next to the bridge, there is a big, beautiful weeping willow. 

Back then, when I was a girl, it looked soooo big, it looked sooo strong and I felt sooo great reaching it.

On this small bridge I used to climb to see the river below better or to catch the weeping willow branches, which often freaked my grandma :- ). Yeah, I still do that. Both climbing and freaking others out by climbing :- )

This bridge has just been renovated so it’s even a better spot for taking crazy photos as this one.

A daylight photo of this bridge puts the willow in focus and an evening one, with all the city lights and  shadows, makes for a great view and a great spot for a quiet break with the river murmur.

The bridge makes those 10 footsteps a flashback to childhood.

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Reisa Džemaludina Čauševića 1, Sarajevo

Opening Times

24 hours daily


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