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Bogomil Alexandrov (1979)

About me
My name is Bogomil and I’ve lived in Sofia all my life, except for the 4 years that I lived in the UK to complete my university degree in Finance.

I make websites for a living and have a small web development company and I myself am a php programmer. Apart from being interested in internet and technologies in general I like to explore my city and find hidden gems and interesting places, especially nice restaurants with interesting and quality food. During my life I have discovered that a quality outlook of a place does not usually mean that the place is any good in terms of food or service.

Why Sofia?
Sofia is a very old and diverse city and I really enjoy living in Sofia. It is centrally located on the Balkans and it’s an easy reach to the mountains or even neighbouring countries, such as Greece, Turkey, Serbia and Macedonia.

Over the years Sofia developed its own sub-culture and everybody is able to find interesting and new places complementing their interests.

Where can you find me online?

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