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About me
My family moved to Tampere when I was eleven years old, so I have known this city for over 40 years! Now I am a mom to three grownups & five dogs. I love reading fiction, watching plays and walking in nature. Sauna and swimming are my favourite ways to relax and meditate. I like to go to church as well as bars and cafes.

I live in the western suburbs now but go to the centre often, and to the south once in a while. I have worked as a psychologist and have a degree in literature as well, but prefer working at home. Before and in between the years in Tampere, I lived in five Finnish cities and in one American town. In the centre of Tampere, I could close my eyes and still find the way. It is my place.

Why Tampere
Tampere has it all in small size in lovely surroundings, with two big and many smaller lakes, forests & parks; lots of nice bars, restaurants and cafes, plenty of art, theatres, concerts, nice museums, many places to swim, bike and walk around. Also, people are friendly and easy to talk to, and Tampere is a hospitable city for many people originally from somewhere else — the atmosphere is relaxed and cozy.

Even though it is the second biggest real city in Finland, I like to call it my hometown.

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