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Heta from Tampere

Mom to three grownups & five dogs. I could close my eyes and still find the way ...

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I prefer eating ”a la carte” in many places, which means from a menu rather than buffet lunch in many places (even though some restaurants have all-day buffets or special evening buffets). The dishes are more expensive then, but I like it when they are freshly made and there is table service and anyway, buffets are not worth the price for me since I don’t eat much at a time, even though for Finnish standards they are always cheap.

Still, the Malaysian restaurant Borneo has both a good lunch buffet and great ”a la carte” alternatives. We like to cook at home, so we don’t often go to restaurants but when we do it’s most likely to be some ethnic restaurants like sushi bars or Indian or Thai places or Borneo, a Malaysian restaurant. Last year we started the summer holiday with my daughter by eating delicious chicken-veggie-noodle soup here. The picture above is of a filled plate at the lunch buffet, though, some weeks ago when I had a long two-hour chat with my Korean friend here during lunch.

The place is very popular so the food in the buffet is always new and fresh. There are always good vegetarian alternatives both in the buffet and ”a la carte”, which I appreciate. At home, we often eat meat hunted in the forests but when I go to a restaurant I usually take the vegetarian alternative. Looking at the A la carte -menu is sure to make you hungry!

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Heta from Tampere

Heta Toikka photo

Mom to three grownups & five dogs. I could close my eyes and still find the way ...

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Mon - Fri 13:00 - 21:00, Sat 11:00 - 21:00


Lunch buffet: € 12.90


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