Lielahden Kirjasto  Tampere

Image by Heta Toikka

Lielahden Kirjasto – Lielahti library

One of my spots in Tampere has to be a library, since it has been something that I have loved since I learned how to read. Anywhere I live, I will find the library.

In Finland, free libraries are one of the best things about our society and tax system. For my article, I chose to introduce Lielahden Kirjasto – Lielahti library, since it’s the one I visit most. Of course, for me and anyone who has the library card, borrowing books home is the most common way to use the library services. But even when you don’t have an address in Finland (like when on a student exchange) and thus cannot get the library card, libraries are worth visiting. I just love the atmosphere in them. Lots of books in a peaceful, home-like environment: novels, comics, facts & fiction, anything.

Usually, you can find books, magazines & newspapers also at least in English & Swedish (the other official language in Finland beside Finnish) but often in many other languages, too, especially in the Main Library Metso. You can sit & read, take your kids with you to children’s department and watch different art-music happenings held in the library. When my kids were small, we often went to see puppet theatre in the library. You can also use the internet and other related services like databases free or for a small fee (e.g. for printing).

Lielahden kirjasto is situated in the west in a nice shopping centre with shops & cafes. It’s easily accessible by bus.

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Antti Possin Kuja 1, Tampere

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During winter: Mon - Fri 10:00 - 20:00, Sat 10:00 - 16:00




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