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Johanna Peurala

About me
I am an outdoor person, who loves sports and nature. I have lived in the Tampere region since 2010.

As I live in the sauna capital of Finland by the lake, I am passionate about swimming and sauna all year round.

I also have many different hobby sports: bouldering, bicycling and skiing are those I am most active at. Forest hikes and mushroom picking are like meditation for me.

My more urban hobbies include regular eating in restaurants, exploring the city by walking and visiting all kinds of culture events. I am the person who always knows what is ‘on’ in the city!

One of my greatest passions is travelling. I used to travel abroad many times every year pre-Covid-19. Hopefully I can travel again soon!

Why Tampere
In Tampere, there are lakes everywhere, as well as trees. The best thing in Tampere is that you can swim and have a sauna in tens of spots, even in the very heart of the city. There are also many different opportunities very close to the city centre to sit on bedrock by the lake and to admire the sunrise or the sunset.

Also, there are large forested areas really close to the city centre, just a few kilometres away. There are nature trails in these forests, ski trails, many small paths and lots of places to swim.

The best urban spot is the national landscape around the Tammerkoski rapids. It is always awesome. Whether you walk there during bright time or dark time or summer or winter, it is always stunning.

Tampere is also famous for its cultural activities. There are always some new things happening – lately, that’s been the light shows in the rapids and on the buildings in the central market square, Keskustori.

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