Vihioja Frisbeegolf Park Tampere

Image by Johanna Peurala

Vihioja Frisbeegolf Park – The oldest in town

For over 25 years has the legendary Vihioja frisbeegolf park in Vihioja invited enthusiastic frisbeegolf lovers as well as beginners. Vihiojanpuisto was the first frisbeegolf park to be established in Tampere. It is also special because it is pretty close to the city centre – basically as close as a nine-basket frisbeegolf park can be.

I like Vihioja frisbeegolf park because it is really nice for beginners, like me. The fairways are quite short and there are no steep hills. OK, there are some mandos and OB areas, but they are not really bad. 

However, there is a great chance to lose your favourite driver because there is a small river, Vihioja, which flows on the south side of the park, and some of the fairways and baskets are quite close to it. But I have noticed that it is possible to find the disc from the river, it’s that shallow. I have lost my disc twice here but I was luckily able to find them!

And as a word of caution: beware of the old ladies nordic-walking around the park (also on the fairways!) – do not throw your disc without the fairway being clear of these ladies and others!

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Vihioja, Tampere

Opening Times

24 hours daily
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